How to Plan for the Future

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Many people ask:

  • What can I do to provide for my heirs?
  • What is right for me?
  • How do I go about it?
  • Do I need a trust?
  • Is a will sufficient?
  • Who will care for me if I am no longer able to care for myself?

javier-castillo-attorney-covina-monroviaAll of these questions are what millions of Americans begin to encounter when they begin to plan for the future –  for the future of their children and for the future of their elderly years.

Javier Castillo and the attorneys at Castillo & Peralta, LLP can answer those and many other questions for you.

If you’re considering your financial legacy and have substantial amount in liquid assets, such as cash or money in bank accounts, assets that can be easily converted to cash or real estate, or if you need your special needs child or you yourself are a disabled or elderly person who is considering qualifying for public benefits – we are here for you. Each situation is different and we approach it as such. Read more »

Probate Court

What if you are on the other side of the equation? The future is now, and you are dealing with a dispute over assets of the loved one that passed, or your loved one that did not leave any instructions on how to distribute the assets, or your loved one only drafted a will.

What is next?

How do you go about honoring the wishes of your loved one?

To resolve these and many other issues that may arise after our loved one passes a probate action might need to be initiated. A probate action is a very procedure-and-rule driven process. and should be handled with knowledge.

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